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An Awakening of Indigenous Knowledge

In an extraordinary display of resilience, a group of Elders out on the land address the importance of Indigenous knowledge. These residential school Survivors shine a light on a future where this traditional knowledge system may be called upon to assist humanity.

Filmed in the fields and forests of First Nations lands across Saskatchewan, Waniska was envisioned and directed by the Elder’s Circle of the First Nations University of Canada with participation from students.

Waniska means ‘to awaken’ in Cree.

© All rights reserved - Productions Cazabon - 2018
24 minutes

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3rd World Canada

Eight children and their community are left behind to piece together the aftermath of suicide and the legacy of 3rd world conditions imposed on Canada's Native people.

Kitchenuhmaykoosib lnninuwug (the people of the lake ) is a remote Native community bound by reserve laws in the forgotten North of Ontario. This Nation dates back to 5,000 years where bones of their ancestors were discovered on the shores of Big Trout Lake. Today this proud Nation is deeply impoverished in 3rd World Conditions bound by Treaty laws signed by their non-English speaking ancestors. Set in the backdrop of the aftermath of the suicide of three parents, the documentary explores the impact of 3rd world conditions on children and a community's courage in looking after them.

© All rights reserved - Productions Cazabon - 2010
47 minutes

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Letters to a Street Child

A moving autobiographical first film by Director Andrée Cazabon. This 25-minute docu-drama based on the letters the filmmaker, Andrée, received from her father while she was addicted and on the streets at age 13-14.

© All rights reserved - Productions Cazabon - 2000
25 minutes

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Family on the Edge

One father's struggle to hang on to his kids while living in a homeless shelter

In the sudden aftermath of his wife's departure, Steven finds himself as the sole parent and provider of his two children. Exhausting every other option, Steven moves his small family to a homeless shelter in Peterborough, Ontario in the hopes of finding a home in time for Christmas. Over the course of a year, the film explores a family at risk and a father's determination to hang on to his kids.

© All rights reserved - Productions Cazabon - 2010
26 minutes

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Wards of the Crown

Following the lives of four teenagers on their way out of the foster care system, the documentary explores the legacy of a childhood spent inside the Children's Aid Society.

© All rights reserved - Productions Cazabon - 2000
42 minutes

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No Quick Fix

A revealing portrait of two young addicts, their years in youth institutions, their life on the street, and the despairing parents who find themselves powerless to save their children from the habit that is consuming them.

© All rights reserved - National Film Board - 2000
51 minutes

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